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As real estate veterans and professionals, we are available to address all of your real estate needs and inquiries. Whether you’re ready to visit homes or properties, need a comparative market analysis, or would like to schedule a free buying or selling consultation. Our expertise in understanding and ability to cater to your criteria is unparalleled and paramount to our work. We look forward to helping you find, buy and sell your next property.

Roger L. Post

​Roger is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Post Properties, Inc.  and  Latham Post Group. He's been in the real estate business for over thirty five years. Since it's launch Post Properties has seen steady growth. Today Roger and his team of veteran real estate professionals manage a diverse and robust portfolio for clients nationwide.

Alexander D. Latham

Alex has been a licensed architect since 1990, Alex values high consideration of detail and a well thought out design.Having worked on nation-wide as well as international projects, Alex's body of work in historical, residential and commercial architecture is infused with a rich and varied scope of experience.

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Property ownership/management can be a monumental endeavor. Latham Post Group provides thorough and seamless solutions every step of the way. Our expertise in property sales, architecture, and real estate management are facilitated through meticulous top-tier drafting, timely preparation of title documents and award-winning client satisfaction to ensure that your best interest remains forefront as our first priority. By maintaining a strong connection to urban planning, residential and commercial design, and being committed to functional and quality design we are able to offer one-on-one in-depth planning solutions and services. We offer exceptional knowledge and experience to guarantee a professional and concise transaction from start to finish.

Latham Post Group is committed to the timeless elegance of traditional architectural aesthetics and believes exceptional design is a product of utmost attention to detail and service. Our extensive range of expertise includes understanding and sensitivity to every projects specific geographical and historical traditions. We offer environmentally responsible solutions to issues in architecture and planning today.

Alex Latham in Northport, NY on Houzz
Alex Latham in Northport, NY on Houzz


​​We are focused on providing quality design, whether it involves the creation of a new neighborhood, the construction of a new home, the renovation of a master suite or the design of built-in cabinetry. We strive to promote the use of green building techniques & sustainable design in both our architectural projects & our planning projects; the latter creates walk-able communities with a true sense of place. In all our projects, excellence in service to the client sets us apart as we work through the design, permitting & construction process together.

Alex Latham in Northport, NY on Houzz

​Latham Post Group

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